Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are just beautiful. I have seen a glimpse of the wedding dresses for 2018.  Capturing a bride in her wedding dress is the best thing ever.  The perfect dress for the perfect bride takes time to seek.  It’s not like going into Macys shopping.  It takes planning and preparation.  It’s a dress that we have planning for years as little girls.   That one day we would eventually get to put on.

The details, the fabric, beads, lace, and all the great pieces of material that makes the dress.  There are so many choices!!!!

But in our hearts we know of that perfect wedding dress…. The one with tulle, with the perfect details…. Happy Planning!

I know that the wedding dress is one of the most important things for a bride.  Just remember, it’s your day! Make an impact with that dress! 🙂


Wedding Photographers

Statistics show that in 2016 weddings cost on an average of  $31,000.  My question is what was the budget for the highend wedding photographer?

One thing I do know, is that during the course of planning a wedding it is often forgotten that after the cake is eaten, music has faded, dress is at the cleaners, guest are all gone, the one thing that remains to look back on are the wedding photographs and video.

But this seems to be the one thing couples try to spend the least on.

Wedding photography is definitely something you don’t want to cut cost on when it’s what will last you forever.

You definitely want to pick an affordable wedding photographer who is well equipped that is going to blend well with your wedding day.

Just remember, as the music fades…. and everyone walks away….. Your day is what you want to have captured in the lens….


Planning a perfect wedding….

Is there a such thing as planning a perfect wedding? In every wedding certain unexpected things happen.   As perfect as we plan them it just seems to have one or two, maybe more things go wrong…. But the idea is that we can only control how we respond to those things.

A wedding is the most important event between two people.  Don’t let the little unexpected circumstances in planning take the focus off what matters most.

Love is in the air…. That is the reason for this perfect day!

It’s a new season…

It’s a new season and it is almost that time for Engagements!

The Fall air brings romance…. Romance is in the air!

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The must haves … in your wedding photographer….


When looking for your wedding photographer… there has to be the 3 MUST haves…. I am Judy McCoy – Wedding Photographer among a lot of other things….. 🙂

Many times wedding photographers have their own agenda when photographing weddings. Here are 3 things you really need to look for when you are seeking out a photographer for your wedding day.

1#- Are they connecting with you? Are they listening to what your wanting to capture for your BIG day? Or are you hearing them tell you what they can capture for your BIG Day?  It is your biggest day in your life and you need to be heard. Your vision of your day needs to be captured through the lens that will be memorable to you. Don’t get me wrong, you met with the photographer that had the artistic, creative images that you desire. But it needs to be about YOUR BIG DAY!

#2 – Are they on their game? Yes! Photography is a sport for me! I love it! When the ceremony is over, you want to hit the reception and start the party of excitement of the marriage. Yes? Well, can the photographer take the family photos in a timely matter like a sport and not have them dragged out for 1-2 hours after the ceremony?  This is important to know… I’ve seen photographers say they can, but have seen the Family photos take 2 hours because of disorganized photo poses and just controlled chaos. You Don’t want that!!!!  to get to the reception to start eating that CAKE!!!!

#3 – Detail…Detail…. Detail…. Are they detail oriented? You want a detailed oriented photographer. Not just on images, but all the way around that will capture even the detail if your hair is needing to be touched up before your photos. Whatever it is, trust me! You want to mae sure your photographer is detailed from the moment they meet you until post production and handing you final work.

So, my 3 points in finding your perfect photographer for your wedding is : Connection, On their Game, Detail Oriented!

Here at Judy McCoy Photography you will find all of the above and more! Email me for more detail!

I wish you the best in your endeavors searching for your wedding photographer!


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Brides have so many decisions to make….


I empathize with you, you have so many decisions to make for such a BIG day! Even up to the wedding day, and even after the wedding your  still sending thank you cards and still a busy bee….

My suggestion to you…. is BREATHE! Take time for you during your planning. Don’t over think everything, and guess what it’s all going to be good… I promise you!!!!

One thing I can tell you to keep in mind during your planning, that after the music is faded, the cake is eaten, the guest are gone,  your presents are opened, the thank you cards are written and sent, the only thing you will have to remember your wedding are your images from your photographer.

If your going to scale back on anything in your budget, don’t let it be on your photographer. The photographer is going to capture your memories of that day you’ve been planning all your life to a BRIDE!

Just remember that! Trust me, I did not do that in my wedding and that is why I became a wedding photographer. MY passion for photography and that I was going to make sure every BRIDE had a memory of that story of her wedding day through my lens.

I wish you the best!