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Brides have so many decisions to make….


I empathize with you, you have so many decisions to make for such a BIG day! Even up to the wedding day, and even after the wedding your  still sending thank you cards and still a busy bee….

My suggestion to you…. is BREATHE! Take time for you during your planning. Don’t over think everything, and guess what it’s all going to be good… I promise you!!!!

One thing I can tell you to keep in mind during your planning, that after the music is faded, the cake is eaten, the guest are gone,  your presents are opened, the thank you cards are written and sent, the only thing you will have to remember your wedding are your images from your photographer.

If your going to scale back on anything in your budget, don’t let it be on your photographer. The photographer is going to capture your memories of that day you’ve been planning all your life to a BRIDE!

Just remember that! Trust me, I did not do that in my wedding and that is why I became a wedding photographer. MY passion for photography and that I was going to make sure every BRIDE had a memory of that story of her wedding day through my lens.

I wish you the best!